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Who can benefit from The Ear and Audiology Clinic near Whitby?

The Ear and Audiology clinic founders & working professionals are residents of Whitby for more than a decade now. The Ear and Audiology clinic near Whitby can benefit a wide range of individuals across different age groups and with varying hearing-related needs. Here are some specific groups of people who can benefit from the services offered by a hearing and audiology clinic near Whitby: 

  • Seniors:

    Older adults often experience age-related hearing loss and may benefit from our comprehensive hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, and other services to improve their quality of life.

  • Children:

    Pediatric audiology services are crucial for the early identification and intervention of hearing issues in children. Our services include hearing screenings, assessments, and assistance with hearing-related challenges for children over 5 years’.

  • Adults with Hearing Loss:

    Individuals of any age experiencing hearing loss can benefit from hearing assessments, counseling, and the fitting of hearing aids or assistive listening devices to enhance communication.

  • People with Tinnitus:

    Tinnitus, the perception of noise or ringing in the ears, can be a distressing condition. Our hearing clinic can provide evaluation and management strategies to alleviate symptoms.

  • Individuals Exposed to Noise:

    People who work in noisy environments or attend loud events can benefit from custom hearing protection to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Contact us to learn more options available to cater your individual needs.

  • Those Seeking Preventive Care:

    Regular hearing check-ups and screenings are valuable for individuals interested in maintaining good hearing health and preventing potential issues.

  • Community Outreach Programs:

    Our clinic can engage in community outreach programs to raise awareness about hearing health and provide education on the importance of regular check-ups. We offer in home services for seniors home, assisted living centres, retirement communities etc.

  • Patients with Ear wax related Issues:

    Individuals experiencing ear wax impaction can seek diagnosis, recommendations & treatment from our audiology clinic & if required we could refer you to the right professionals or departments as well.

Our Services

By offering these services, we significantly contribute to the overall well-being of Whitby residents, fostering a healthier and more connected community. It’s essential for residents to be proactive about their hearing health and seek professional assistance when needed.

Workplace Coverage/ benefits

audiology clinic in whitby

Some private health insurers and workplace benefits provide coverage for Audiology services & hearing aid purchase, so your first step should be to check with your benefit and find out the coverage before your hearing aid evaluation appointment.

Note: Our services are not covered by OHIP as Private audiology services were delisted from OHIP back in 2001 and there will be a fee for our services. If you have personal health insurance coverage (purchased personally or through your work), you may be eligible to seek reimbursement, depending on your policy and level of coverage.

Programs & Subsidies For Hearing Aids

There are several programs and subsidies available to help offset the cost of hearing aids in Ontario. Our team is knowledgeable about the various funding and financial resources available for hearing aids and communication devices. We can help you identify if you are eligible for funding and walk you through the application process. We can help you to identify programs that you may be eligible for. 

If you think you might be eligible for funding, please mention it at the time of booking, so we can help you to identify any documents you might need to bring it with you.

The Ear & Audiology Clinic Inc. Is An Authorized Vendor With:

Most third parties like WSIB, DVA, IFHP, NIHB, ODSP & Ontario works covers for these services & we could help you with the same.
The Ear And Audiology Clinic offers its services to residents across the GTA and The Durham Region including the residents in the cities of Toronto
Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Port Perry, Port Hope, Uxbridge, and Scugog