Cerumen Management (Ear Wax Removal)

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What Is Cerumen Management or Ear Wax Removal?

Ear wax removal, also known as cerumen management, involves the removal of excess ear wax (cerumen) from the ear canal. Ear wax is a natural substance produced by glands in the ear to help lubricate and protect the ear canal.

In many cases, the wax gradually moves to the opening of the ear, where it dries up and falls out on its own. However, for some individuals, ear wax can accumulate and cause blockages, leading to symptoms such as hearing loss, earache, tinnitus, dizziness,or a feeling of fullness in the ear.

There are several methods for ear wax cleaning, and the choice of method depends on the severity of the wax impaction and the individual’s specific situation. Here are some common methods used for ear wax removal:

  • Earwax Softening Drops or Cerumenolytic Agents:

    Over-the-counter ear drops or prescription drops containing oils, saline, or hydrogen peroxide can be used to soften the earwax, making it easier to remove it safely.

  • Irrigation:

    Warm water or a saline solution may be gently flushed into the ear using a bulb syringe or an electronic irrigator. This helps to dislodge and flush out the softened earwax.

  • Manual Removal:

    Our Audiologist may manually remove earwax using specialized tools, including curettes or suction devices. This is typically done under direct visualization using an otoscope.

  • Micro suction (Currently unavailable at our locations) :

    Micro suction involves using a gentle suction device to remove earwax under direct visualization. This method is commonly used by audiologists and ENT specialists. (Currently unavailable at our locations)

It’s important to note that attempting to remove ear wax at home with cotton swabs or other objects can push the wax further into the ear canal and potentially cause injury. If someone is experiencing symptoms related to ear wax impaction, it is advisable to seek professional help for safe and effective removal.

Individuals with a history of recurrent earwax impaction may benefit from regular earwax cleaning as part of their ear care routine. A healthcare professional can assess the situation, recommend appropriate methods, and perform the procedure safely.

At the Ear And Audiology Clinic, we offer a comprehensive ear wax removal service. Our highly trained audiologists use advanced tools and techniques to remove ear wax safely and quickly, allowing our patients to experience improved hearing. Our ear wax removal service is effective, safe, and painless.

With our ear wax removal services, you can find out whether or not hearing loss may be stemming from an overabundance of wax in the ear canal.

We understand how important it is to have a clear and comfortable hearing. That’s why we work hard to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care and hearing solutions.

Our Audiologists are committed to providing a customized hearing solution that is tailored to each patient’s individual needs. At the Ear And Audiology Clinic, we are dedicated to helping our patients hear better and enjoy a better quality of life. Contact us today to find out more about our ear wax removal service and other hearing solutions.


By offering these services, we significantly contribute to the overall well-being of Ontario residents, fostering a healthier and more connected community. It’s essential for residents to be proactive about their hearing health and seek professional assistance when needed.


If you have a history of outer ear or middle ear surgery, if you are Diabetic, or prone to outer ear infection, please consult your family doctor and receive medical clearance prior to the debridement/Ear wax removal/ Cerumen Management.

If you have an ear infection or think you have an infection, perforated ear drum or pain, please see your doctor first. We cannot treat ear infections or flush the ears if we find an infection or perforation.

Our Audiologist can only remove the cerumen if it has been properly softened using 2-3 drops of earwax Softeners or Cerumenolytic Agents in each ear for 2- 3 times daily for at least one week. Failure to soften the cerumen greatly increases the risk of side effects.

Note: There is a fee for Cerumen Management or Ear wax removal services.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cerumen Management


Earwax removal was delisted by OHIP in the fall of 2019. There is an out-of-pocket fee for earwax removal. This service will be completed by an audiologist trained in earwax removal.

If you have personal health insurance coverage (purchased personally or through your work), you may be eligible to seek reimbursement, depending on your policy and level of coverage. 

Kindly call your insurance providers and confirm, if these services are covered before you come for your appointment to avoid any disappointments.

We do not direct bill your insurance, we will provide you paid Invoices, and you can submit it for reimbursements. 

Ear wax removal services will be performed by a registered Audiologist. 

The safest and best way to have earwax removed is through an ENT Specialist or an audiologist. In addition to preventing, identifying, assessing, and treating hearing loss, Audiologists are healthcare professionals trained extensively in the process of earwax removal.

Yes, we recommend using 2-3 drops of ear wax Softeners or Cerumenolytic Agents (available in pharmacies near you) in each ear for 2 or 3 times daily for 3 or 4 days.