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A doctor’s referral is not mandatory with us, but we prefer to have a referral so that we can send the results and recommendations to your family physician to keep it on your file. It will help us to keep your doctor in the loop in terms of your hearing needs and management options. This applies for both adults and children.

OHIP no longer covers hearing testing. Hearing tests were delisted from OHIP in August of 2001. There are some exceptions to this rule, however. For instance, if you are being seen by an otolaryngologist or ear nose and throat specialist (ENT) and a hearing test is being performed during that appointment, the specialist can bill OHIP for the testing.

OHIP provides partial coverage of hearing aids for every resident of Ontario through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). ADP provides a grant of $500 per ear, once every 5 years, if required. Your audiologist will provide you with the proper forms to complete. Once completed, your audiologist can bill OHIP directly for the ADP portion.

If you have private insurance or work benefits, you may be able to seek reimbursement for the cost of hearing aids through your benefit plan. The level of coverage varies depending on your plan. You can contact your insurance provider to determine eligibility and your level of coverage prior to your visit to us. There are other funding options provided by ODSP, OW, WSIB, DVA, NIHB and FNIH. If you fall under any of these categories, we can guide you through the process. In order to make our services and products financially accessible to you, we work with many governmental agencies and 3rd party funders & can help you with any paperwork required to submit a reimbursement claim to your Insurance providers.

There are different levels of technology and capabilities built into hearing aids. The more features and/or options the greater the cost of the aids. A Hearing aid and related services from us can cost approximately $1000-$3000 per ear, after ADP coverage. These prices represent the total out-of-pocket cost for patients, and typically include dispensing/fitting services, accessories, batteries/charger, warranties and follow-up appointments. For more information, please make an appointment with our Audiologist.

Hearing aids are classified as medical devices, so they are exempt from HST. Any portion you pay out of pocket might qualify as a claim when filing your income taxes. Check with your accountant or CRA website for more details.

Every clinic has their own mission, vision & policies. We are very transparent with our pricing. We can offer our services and products at reduced prices because we do not upcharge you for any services that you do not need or want; this allows you much flexibility to take control of the financial costs associated with taking care of your hearing health. If you shop around & find that a particular hearing aid’s is cheaper elsewhere, then simply bring us that official quote and we will price-match but make sure to compare apple to apple. DON’T FALL FOR ANY MARKETING STRAERGIES, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE. MAKE SURE TO SURRENDER YOUR HEARING CARE TO A QUALIFIED AND REGULATED PROFFESSIONAL.

Yes, there is a fee for all our services. If you see something is free, most of the time it is a marketing strategy. However, our fees are very reasonable compared to other hearing clinics.

If you have private insurance or work benefits, you may be able to seek reimbursement for the cost of hearing aids through your benefit plan. The level of coverage varies depending on your plan. You can contact your insurance provider to determine eligibility and your level of coverage prior to your visit to us. There are other funding options provided by ODSP, OW, WSIB, DVA, NIHB and IFHP

Yes, we do offer financing plan based on your needs and budget.

Yes, our building has parking lot with sufficient spots.

An Audiologist is a regulated health professional who holds a master’s degree and/or a Doctorate in Audiology and several clinical practicums. To practice in Ontario, they must remain in good standing with the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO), which means they must meet rigid practice guidelines that ensure best practices. All hearing professionals are not AUDIOLOGIST, in most cases they can complete an online or college degree following secondary school. It is your sole decision to decide who should be your hearing professional. Invest your health & hard earn money wisely.

Congratulations on your first step towards better hearing. We would be more than happy to help you in this journey. If you had your hearing tested in the last 6 months from a regulated hearing professional (Audiologist) and bring in a copy of your hearing test results, we can provide you with some recommendations and management, as required. If we are not satisfied with the test results (test batteries) or if it has not performed by an Audiologist, we may do a quick hearing screening free of charge. During this appointment, we will go over your hearing test results with you and based on your hearing needs, lifestyle, we will recommend the best and most appropriate types and brands of hearing aids or amplification devices for you. Yes, there will be a fee based on what exactly you need from us.

Yes, we can now test your hearing, fit hearing aids on you and do all our follow-ups at your place, if required.

Yes, we can do most of our services remotely if you have a smartphone or tablet and have access to Wi-Fi connection. It will be as if you were in our clinic, except you stay in the comforts of your home, and we will take care of everything else, so that you can access our services with no limitations without compromising the quality of care!

Yes, we prescribe all styles of hearing aids and work with a vast array of hearing aid manufacturers.

We carry a wide selection of hearing aids from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our experienced team of Audiologist can help you find the perfect hearing aid to suit your individual needs and budget.

Prescribing hearing aids is a complex, detailed, and patient‐specific process that requires in‐ depth knowledge about human hearing and communication as well as expert clinical judgment. With Master's or Doctorate degrees in audiology, audiologists are uniquely qualified to perform comprehensive evaluations of hearing to determine whether hearing aids are part of appropriate treatment. Moreover, audiologists are the only regulated healthcare held to stringent profession‐specific practice guidelines when prescribing hearing aids.

Some hearing aid dealers and/or hearing aid dispensers/practitioners/"specialists" offer consumers hearing tests and will "select" hearing aids. These unregulated providers do not have degrees in audiology and are not entitled to prescribe hearing aids. Instead, they require a signature from a physician who can legally prescribe hearing aids. This practice, which is already disallowed for the prescription of medicine and eyeglasses, falls far short of professional audiology standards. You have the right to be informed about the credentials and qualifications of health care professionals in whom you place your trust.

Yes, you need to call us to book an appointment, there are no walk-ins in any of our locations. We try our level best to book your appointment as early as possible.

Yes, there are no walk-ins in any of our locations.  Please call us before making a special trip so that we can collect some details about the problem and advise you of the best time/date to come to avoid an extended wait.

We service anyone over the age of 5 years and over.

The Ear And Audiology Clinic offers its services to residents across the GTA and The Durham Region including the residents in the cities of  Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Port Perry, Port Hope, Uxbridge, and Scugog.